Resources for parents re pornography

The resources provided below are intended to help parents and carers protect children from pornography and its harmful effects.

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Protect Young Minds

Helping parents to teach their children about the dangers of pornography. Our mission is to empower parents, professionals and community leaders to protect young kids from pornography, and promote healing from any sexual exploitation. >> Read more



eChildhood is a registered health promotion charity dedicated to mobilising responses that reduce the harmful effects of pornography on children and young people. >> Read more


Culture Reframed

Research-driven education to prevent, resist, and heal the harms of violent mainstream pornography and hyper-sexualized pop culture>> Read more



Learn about the digital environment and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experiences. >> Read more



How to speak to your kids about porn

In this podcast Dr. Robyn Silverman speaks with Gail Dines about talking to kids about porn; addressing the important and sometimes difficult questions. >> Read more



Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids
Available in Australia for $20 from
This read-aloud book is a comfortable way to discuss a difficult topic. It teaches kids what pornography is, why it’s harmful, and how to reject it. To stay safe in the digital age, kids must install an internal filter. Good Pictures Bad Pictures shows them how! Great for ages 7-11. >> Read more


Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.

A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds
Today’s young children have unprecedented access to the internet, and they deserve to be armed early against its dangers. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. is a comfortable, effective way to empower kids ages 3-6 with their first internal filter! >> Read more



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What can priests practically do to combat the epidemic?

Washington DC (CNA/EWTN News) – Pornography used to be a simpler problem for priests to address in the confessional – consecrate yourself to Mary, go to weekly Adoration – [however] the growing level of addiction makes it a much more complex problem for the Church to address.
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