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  1. March 22

    Technology can be wonderful servant but dangerous master

    Imagine a country without electricity, gas, radio, television, telephones, computers, planes, cars, buses and railway. It would look like a very different place from the Australia we know today. Read more

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  2. March 21

    The art of a mindful Lent

    I gladly acknowledge I would like to be more deeply connected with the Living God. However, my scheming brain sets out to set up the perfect step-by-step plan of how to be totally connected to God in 40 days. But where to start? Read more

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  3. March 20

    Lent and preparing for Easter

    How do you prepare good liturgy? We don’t have to start from scratch; we have a framework that has stood the test of time. It can be found in the Missal. Read more

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  4. March 17

    Media Statement March 17, 2017

    Re. Independent Review following decisions about residential arrangements at Lanigan House
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  5. March 10

    Sacrifices Worth it for Proud Citizens

    Being received as Australian citizens rates among the proudest moments in the life of Queanbeyan parishioners Herbert Joey, Roweliza and Danielle Quinones. Read more

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