Catholic Voice

  1. November 1

    William Grame is dominating diabetes

    BY FIONA VAN DER PLAAT WILLIAM Grame smiles agreeably when his mother describes him as lazy. Partly because he’s a 13-yearold boy and sleeping, PlayStation and leaving stuff lying around […]

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  2. November 1

    A thankyou note from Emeritus Archbishop Francis Carroll

    ON the occasion of my recent Golden Jubilee, I received many messages of congratulations, prayers and good wishes. It is not possible to respond to all of them individually, but […]

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  3. November 1

    Bev’s play on Fatima

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN ACT Right to Life President Beverley Cains is best-known in Canberra for speaking out against the ills of abortion and euthanasia, rather than being an author. That […]

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  4. November 1

    Fr Lim’s ‘spiritual gourmet of a pilgrimage’

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN “MICHAEL, if you are still able to walk, it is worthwhile to spend your time gainfully on pilgrimages during your annual leave,” Weston Creek Parish Priest, Fr […]

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  5. November 1

    Loretta’s ‘moving and beautiful experience’ at Fatima

    BY LORETTA WHOLLEY FAMILIES and groups, tourists and pilgrims, religious and lay, young and old, many languages, one faith. These would be the best words I could find to describe […]

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