Catholic Voice

  1. November 30

    Archbishop’s new book launched

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN ARCHBISHOP Christopher Prowse has authored a book in time for Christmas. The title of the book, Set Pools of Silence In This Thirsty Land: Contemplating The Silent […]

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  2. November 30

    Vinnies reminds it’s important to give

      BY JOHN MCLAURIN WITH homelessness and poverty on the rise ahead of Christmas, there has never been a more important time to give. At Christmas last year, Vinnies in […]

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  3. November 29

    Maintaining cultural diversity

    For the past few years, the Vietnamese Catholic Community in Canberra (VCCC) has been supported by the local authorities in promoting, contributing and maintaining their cultural diversity and social harmony in the ACT.

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  4. November 27

    Human sexuality focus day

    THE WAY human sexuality and relationships are currently being taught in Archdiocesan schools is well and truly on the agenda after more than 60 secondary staff came together at St […]

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  5. November 27

    Louise honoured

    BY REBECCA HEWSON LOUISE Mugridge of Young now has three further initials behind her name after she was named on the Queen’s Birthday honour roll recently. Mrs Mugridge is a […]

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