Work is for people, not people for work.  Through work, individuals not only contribute to the common good, but also achieve fulfilment as human beings.  In this respect, the Church teaches that employees and employers should be regarded as partners in their place of work and in their respective roles.  The conditions of employment detailed in this section are applicable to all archdiocesan employees at parish level and in those agencies under the direct supervision of the chancery.

This section includes forms related directly to the employment process, letters of appointment templates, position descriptions and policies with which prospective employees need to be familiar.  The policies include: Conditions of Employment, Code of Conduct, Electronic Communication, Grievance etc.

The usual process for the employment of staff is for the parish priest/manager/director to complete Form E1 – Recommendation for New & Change in Employment.  This should be forwarded to Archdiocesan Employment Services (AES), GPO Box 3089, Canberra ACT 2601.  AES will then prepare all the requisite documentation and despatch to the preferred applicant.