Chrism Mass 2017

Photos by Loui Seselja & John McLaurin

CATHOLICS turned up in record numbers to the Mass of the Oils on Monday of Holy Week in a show of support for Archdiocesan priests in the wake of the Royal Institution into Institutional Sexual Abuse findings which were released in February this year.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse who was the principal celebrant at the Chrism Mass said the reputation of the priesthood had taken a blow amid the clergy sex abuse scandal of years gone by and that it was encouraging to see such a positive response from the lay faithful who attended in support of the faithful priests.

“There was definitely a record number here for the Chrism Mass, the Cathedral was very full,” Archbishop Prowse said.

“It is important that we continue to pray for the priests of this Archdiocese.”

Earlier in the day, the bishops, priests and deacons took a tour of St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre in the Manuka Catholic Precinct where the Archdiocesan administration, Catholic Bookshop and Office for Evangelisation will be based from June onward.

Following the tour, the clergy met in the early part of the evening to share a meal.

In a powerful display of solidarity each of the bishops and priests renewed their commitment to priestly service at the Chrism Mass which they are required to do each year.

During the Mass, the Oil of the Sick, Oil of Catechumens and Oil of Sacred Chrism were brought to the altar in a procession and accompanied by an announcement for which oil was in each of the vessels.

They were then blessed and consecrated by Archbishop Prowse.

Check out the photo gallery online with photos being taken by Loui Seselja and John McLaurin.

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