24 Hours of Prayer/Adoration

CATHOLICS in the Archdiocese are being encouraged to come to St Christopher’s Cathedral later this month for 24 hours of prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator Huw Warmenhoven said the idea for prayer and adoration had come about at the request of the Catholic bishops of Australia, while Pope Francis has also requested that 24 hours of Adoration for the Lord be undertaken by Catholics throughout Lent.
“It will be a good way to ensure that this 2018 Year of Youth is built upon firm foundations of faith,” Mr. Warmenhoven said.
24 hours of prayer and adoration at St Christopher’s begins with 7.30am Mass on Wednesday, February 21 and finishes with 7.30am Mass on Thursday, February 22.
To sign up for an hour, please put your preferred time in at: https://goo.gl/forms/y8QQhT8Qak8ai44N2
–    NOTE: There will need to be two people in the Cathedral at all times over the 24 hour period. One male must be present during the night hours.