Android or Apple?

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15 March 2018

What is your operating system? Are you Android or Apple?

Not just phones and computers, but our lives are defined by our operating system.  What lies at the heart of your identity? What defines your intentions and dictates your actions?

The identity of humanity can be found in Christ. His body, the Eucharist, is the source and summit faith. It is in the person of Christ that the law and the prophets are fulfilled. In Him, humanity can become complete.

Faith challenges us to make Christ our operating system. This can be hard. We seek justification from others, placing rationality above revelation. But, faith allows us to experience something beyond our comprehension. Faith gives us the freedom to make Christ our operating system, founded in an encounter and a relationship of love.

What happens when we open our lives fully to faith? We become a ‘shining lamp’ like John the Baptist, illuminating the paths of others to lead them to an encounter with Christ.

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