Archbishop’s Easter Message – Easter Humanity

It recent years it seems that our annual celebration of Easter accompanies some societal calamity.

There has been bushfires, then the covid pandemic, and now the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

This current war is particularly disturbing because it arises not from nature or health issues but from a violence within the heart of our shared humanity.

War is the very opposite to the peace and joy of Easter. It is a defeat for humanity. It seems that the new humanity made present in the Easter Jesus has been cast aside. Offered light eternal, war opts for living in darkness.

At Easter a totally different humanity is announced. Embracing Easter humanity in the Risen Jesus is clearly an unending task for every age, especially our present time.

Ukrainian refugees are beginning to arrive in the Archdiocese. Many more will follow. I have assured Fr Kalinecki, Ukrainian Catholic priest of Canberra, that our Archdiocese stands ready to provide whatever practical assistance deemed appropriate for these traumatised families.

Easter humanity in Christ Crucified and Risen is not a sentimental religious pious thought. It is the very essence of our Christian humanity – mind, heart and deeds. Happy Easter!

Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn
Apostolic Administrator, Military Ordinariate of Australia
Easter 2022