Are you a “Sensible-Cynical-Sadducee” or a “Power-Punching-Paul”?

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6 June 2018

In the Gospel today it is as if those Sadducees are saying to Jesus, “Be sensible, resurrection just doesn’t make any sense.” Then it is as if Jesus replies: “You have no idea, eternal life is the whole point.”

If there was a scale of faith with “sadly cynical” at one pole and “totally trusting” at the other, where would you be on that scale today? I think I may be more often nearer the Sadducees than I admit to myself, especially when I am challenged to step out in faith.

Paul in his letter is encouraging the young Timothy, and us, to actively choose to trust in the death-abolishing power of God. Paul’s own inspiring capacity to face hardship with confidence, love and self-control come from grace. This very same grace is given to us too in Baptism. We can grow in our faith by choosing to focus on God’s power rather than our own limited understanding and personal resources.

Lord fan into flame the gift you have given us so that we can live our own part in your mission to bring eternal life to all people.

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