Are You In or Out?

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28 June 2018

Christians live their lives in the hope of heaven. In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives you the question: are you in or out?

It’s surprising that some who can ‘prophesy, cast out demons and do mighty works’ in the name of Jesus could find themselves on the out! They sound like holy people, doing great works, right? The key is that in heaven we experience the true will of God: love. If we have not been people of love in this life, how could we be in heaven? Try not to think of heaven as somewhere you can be ‘placed’ but rather a communication or experience of pure love that is a continuation of the love you experience here. To love in heaven, we must love on earth. This simple rule can help lay such a foundation in our lives:

What we say should match what we do; what we do should match God’s will.

If God’s will is the firm foundation of our lives, we will be able to stand strong despite any storm or wind I might face. Pray that we know, act and speak of the will of God to a world in need of His love.


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