The Call of a Catechist

While parents as the primary faith educators of their children should be the first to heed these words of Pope Francis, his words also form a powerful challenge and invitation for our Archdiocese to be more intentional about the faith experiences we offer, especially at a time when many of our children attend schools that are outside of Catholic Education settings.

It is because of a growing network of catechists operating in state schools all across the Archdiocese that thousands of children and their families have been able to encounter the Good News of Jesus Christ and have been nurtured in faith within our Church. Put simply, catechists are integral to our vision of raising up a new generation who feel they can belong to the Church, encounter and believe in Jesus Christ, and become all that God made them to be!

That is their right, and it is therefore our duty.

Most Reverend Christopher Prowse DD STD
Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn

Catechesis pursues several interconnected tasks that are inspired by the way in which Jesus formed his disciples: He got them to know the mysteries of the Kingdom; taught them to pray; proposed to them Gospel values; initiated them into a life of communion with him and among themselves, and into mission.
Directory for Catechesis, 79.