Special Religious Education Resources

Authorised Curriculum Scopes and Sequences

All catechists who teach SRE in public schools are required to only use the authorised curriculums which have been approved by the Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn. This important regulation is in place to ensure the consistency and quality of SRE delivery.

The two Catholic curriculums currently approved for use are:
Christ our Light and Life which is produced by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney;
Walking with Jesus which is produced by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay;

The Christian curriculums approved for use in combined arrangements are: 
GodSpace which is produced by Burst Christian Resources affiliated with Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT; and
Beginning with God; Connect; and Big Questions which are produced by Christian Education Publications

The scope and sequence for each of these curriculums allow participating schools, parents, and caregivers to understand and have confidence in what is covered in SRE lessons. Please contact the Archdiocesan SRE Coordinator (catechists@cg.org.au) if you would like further information about these curriculum resources.