1. November 3

    Remembering all souls for All Souls

    Gundaroo Catholic pioneer cemetery You could drive past and barely give them a thought. They’re the little pioneer and other cemeteries that lie scattered throughout the wide reaches of the […]

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  2. November 2

    Speedy VG has fine idea

    There appears to be no limit for Fr Tony Percy when it comes to turning a vice into a virtue. The archdiocese’s Vicar General was recently fined for speeding at […]

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  3. October 21

    Steering youth to safety with Red Frogs

    The Archdiocese is harnessing the power of confectionary in its desire to connect with youth and young adults through a new partnership with the well-known chaplaincy support network Red Frogs […]

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  4. October 18

    Assembly over: where to from here?

    A plenary council is a relatively unusual event, so it is not surprising that for many there is considerable curiosity about what happens now. Surely, after a week long ‘conference’ […]

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  5. October 15

    Plenary Reflections #5: Sally FitzGerald

    I was one of seven Aboriginal members and one of three Councillors from NATSICC. The Opening Mass in Perth was a particularly powerful expression of the place of First Nations […]

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