1. October 22

    Comparisons are odious

    Created reality is replete with complementarity. For this reason comparisons are odious. You cannot compare ‘apples and oranges.’ You cannot compare ‘males and females.’ People mock a supposedly ‘binary view […]

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  2. October 20

    CatholicCare Student and Family Counselling celebrates 40 years

    (From Right) Counsellors Deborah Nelson, Ursula Fleeton, Sarah O’Sullivan and Sharman Hampson School counsellors have played an increasingly important role in supporting young people over recent years, with the impacts […]

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  3. October 18

    Archbishop announces latest clergy appointments

    Fr Mark Croker Archbishop Christopher Prowse has announced his latest round of clergy appointments. Fr Richard Thompson’s appointment as Vicar General heads the list that includes the transfer of priests […]

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  4. October 15

    Walking Together out West

    Archbishop Christopher Prowse joins local parish priests and parishioners for the Walking Together Deanery Visitation at Tumut in rural NSW. Travelling around our Archdiocese is no small feat. To travel […]

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  5. October 8

    Marian Procession set to return to Galong

    The Marian Procession is a true expression of Catholicism, according to Central Canberra parish priest Fr Emil Milat. The event, which was cancelled for several years due to Covid restrictions, […]

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