Prayer Resources

  1. January 22


    Language is important. Mark says Jesus “took the bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it” (Mark 6). >> Read more

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  2. Light Bulb Moment

    “I had an Epiphany.” She’s had a “light bulb moment.” “The “lights have gone on” for him. We’ve come out of the “dark into the light.” We do speak like […]

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  3. Alive and Active

    Most people desire to be “alive” and “active.” In fact, the Word of God is described as such: “The Word of God is something alive and active: it cuts like […]

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  4. “Two Things in Life are Essential”

    St. John Bosco is arguably the most successful saint in youth ministry in the brief history of the Church. He was born in Italy in 1815 and died in 1888. […]

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  5. “When I’m weak, I’m strong”

    St. Paul, in 2 Corinthians 12, bequeaths to us an important gift – a theology and spirituality of weakness. The text is found in verses 7-10. First, Paul acknowledges his […]

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