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  1. July 16

    How to see Over 18

    THE ARCHBISHOP’S Office for Evangelisation has purchased the screening rights to Canadian Documentary Over 18. Lara Kirk, Manager of the Marriage, Family and Relationships office, said the Archdiocese purchased the […]

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  2. July 16

    What can priests practically do to combat the epidemic?

    BY MARY REZAC Online pornography is one of the fastest growing addictions on par with cocaine and gambling. Once confined to the pages of a smuggled Playboy magazine, pornography can […]

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  3. July 16

    The problem with pornography

    BY PAUL NINNES (Founding director of Real Talk Australia) ‘Porn can get into a young person’s head and stay there for a lifetime seeping into their thoughts and relationships like […]

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  4. July 10

    2020 Plenary discussions

    2020 Plenary discussions answering the big question: What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

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  5. June 8

    Loui Seselja is the man behind the camera

    Loui Seselja has captured the images of thousands of people over the past 40 years in his career as a professional photographer. The ones he cherishes the most are those […]

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