Becoming Fertility Aware

Better access for women and couples, up-to-date fertility health information and local consultants was the impetus behind the new Fertility Aware website, which was launched at the Rheinberger Centre in Yarralumla on Wednesday, June 6.

Following Mass that morning, guests made their way to the function room for a lovely morning tea which was followed by an unveiling of the new website, whilst a special cake was made for the occasion.

An initiative of Ms Anna Johnstone, the Fertility Aware website is the product of more than a year’s research and development and is an online resource providing a ‘one stop shop’ for women and couples seeking fertility information and support.

Bev Cains and Anna Johnstone

Bev Cains and Anna Johnstone

The site provides some general information relating to a woman’s cycle and how couples can manage their fertility, or infertility, using modern charting methods.

Anna, developed the website because women shared with her over the years a need for modern, reliable and healthy fertility management options.

“Speaking to a number of women over the years has told me they are looking for healthy alternatives, particularly to hormonal contraception,” Ms Johnstone said after the launch.

“Recent news of negative side effects [of the pill] have come out in the media and so women are responding to this.”

Speaking to the Catholic Voice, Anna was also keen to spell out the advantages of Fertility Aware for couples who are having trouble conceiving.

“It’s also about helping those who are struggling to have a baby. Before trying IVF it’s worth charting cycles with one of our doctors to see what’s going on.”

“By getting in touch we can support women in understanding their bodies and their fertility,” the mother of two said.

For more information go to or contact Anna on (02) 6163 4340.