Birthday girl shows a big heart

By Denis Howard

After hearing a St Vincent de Paul radio ad, seven-year-old Clare Daley did something which is unthinkable to most children her age – she forewent any birthday presents.

Instead she asked for money from her birthday guests which she then used to buy blankets and bedding to donate to the Vinnies Winter Appeal.

Clare’s mother Sharron said she was overwhelmed by her daughter’s generosity.

“I am so proud of her,” Sharron said.

“Not many children would willingly do what she did.

“She heard the ad on the radio about the child sleeping in a car and said ‘people don’t really sleep in cars do they?”

“My other children and myself explained to Clare that some people were forced to.

“My eldest son showed Clare some footage of homeless people on YouTube and it was then she decided she was going to donate her presents.

“Someone suggested she ask for money and buy items which would be more beneficial this time of year.

“That is what she did, even using money sent from her grandma!

“She raised $201 from her party.

“It rained for three or four days afterwards and all Clare would say is ‘Mum, we need to go help. people are getting rained on’.

“She was not fazed about giving her presents away, only that less fortunate people were getting wet,” she said.

Clare is one of four siblings and is in Year 1 at Young North Public School.

According to Sharron, she has always been considerate of others.

“At Christmas time she raided all her brother’s and sister’s closets and when they said anything she said ‘No, it is going to the appeal. There are people who need it more than you.’

“She has always had a very warm heart.”

(Originally printed by the Young Witness on June 30, 2016)