Cambodia – the power of the healing mercy of God

sister teaching childrenEach year Catholic Mission focuses on one of the 160 countries in which we support projects. This year, our Annual Parish Mission Appeal will focus on Cambodia  – a country emerging from a time of great trial but where there are incredible works of mercy happening that are bringing about new opportunities and improving living conditions for the Cambodian people.

Sr Eulie Desacula and the Daughters of Charity in Phnom Penh are some of the inspirational people delivering practical and transformative works of mercy in Cambodia. They have responded to the needs of isolated children unable to attend school, by creating the Mobile Tuk-Tuk Education Centre.  It is a wonderfully innovative approach to education where locally-formed teachers take the tuk-tuk out to small communities, providing children with lessons in language, hygiene, life skills, children’s rights and cultural heritage, while fresh meals promote healthy eating.

Catholic Mission works in partnership with a variety of Catholic religious orders, parishes, lay groups and communities. To support Catholic Mission contact the Diocesan Director, 02 6201 9885 or the National Office  02 9919 7800.