Catholics discovering prayer with new book

THE CATHOLIC Enquiry Centre has launched a new prayer resource that can help people escape the busyness of their daily lives and find space to encounter God.

Discovering Prayer was developed as a complementary resource to other Catholic Enquiry Centre materials that serve as an introduction to the Catholic Faith.

Catholic Enquiry Centre Director Shane Dwyer said some other material seeks to engage the head of people who are searching for meaning. Discovering Prayer builds on that by engaging the heart.

He said the vision for the book was for it to be an introduction to prayer for those who are new to religion or new to Catholicism, but lifelong Catholics are also finding the resource valuable.

“We know that people can sometimes find obstacles to prayer, such as wondering ‘How do I start to pray?’,” Mr Dwyer said.

“This book fits into your pocket and can help those new to prayer and those who have grown up in a prayerful house to encounter God simply and humbly.

“It has been embraced by those who have wanted to either reignite their prayer life or those who wanted to enter into a journey where they could reflect and pray about the realities of life.”

Sharon Brewer, the book’s author, said it was important to produce a resource that would be digestible for people both in its language and in its format.

“While the book can be used every day for 30 days, it really is a little book that can be picked up at any time when a person, especially a busy person, needs to take a moment out of their day for reflection and prayer,” she said.

“Hopefully these prayers will lead the reader to a deeper understanding of themselves, and a realisation of how much God loves them.”

Discovering Prayer can be purchased on the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website for just $3, plus shipping and handling!/New-resource-Discovering-Prayer/p/97351374

Catholic organisations can request a free copy of the book by emailing

For more information, call the Catholic Enquiry Centre on 1300 432 484.