A Christmas message from Fr James Antony CMI (parish priest of Pambula)

fr-james-antony-cmiChristmas season invites us to shout with Joy and rejoice. I fail, and find it very hard, when things happening around me are NOT good news. How do I shout with Joy and rejoice? I struggle, like many of you, to come in terms with what is happening around me and in the entire world.

People who approached John the Baptist and their question echo in my heart: what must I do?  I must be willing to face John to meet and receive Jesus who comes in the midst of chaos, suffering, struggles and in my emptiness. Yes, Jesus become my hope, my light, and my path to bring peace and harmony in me and in the world. Yes two thousand years back Jesus came to a restless world with the message of peace and Joy.

Can I today, represent Christ in my surrounding, in my fellow human beings? Can I become a source of hope for others? What must I do to be Christ to others and to find Christ in others?

As we celebrate this great Feast of Incarnation, God becoming man, let these questions echo in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our words and in our deeds: What must I do? What kind of a person am I? While you are holidaying, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May you have a happy and peaceful stay in this beautiful part of the world. May you be a symbol of Joy and peace to people around you.

Every Blessing,

Fr James Antony CMI