Marriage ‘one of humanity’s greatest treasures’

ARCHBISHOP Christopher Prowse used his Marriage and Family Sunday homily last month to remind Catholics to continue showing love for people with same sex attraction.

He also promoted traditional Marriage and encour-aged responsible voting ahead of the November 25 same sex plebiscite, whilst emphasising the importance of seeking real truths.

At Marriage and Family Sunday was (L-R) Mark and Kathy Haseler, Mark and Raida Velez. Picture: John McLaurin.

Following Mass, a number of couples and families gathered in the Haydon Hall of St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre to share a morning tea, where nine Marriage ministry groups each had a display.Archbishop Prowse blessed the ministries and thanked Archdiocesan Marriage and Family Coordinator, Lara Kirk, for organising them on the day.


“We love our same sex orientated friends,” he said.

“We find them in our communities, in our neigh-bourhoods, in families, in our parishes, they are part of our family.

“They find themselves so often in very vulnerable situations. Our love and our accompanying with them on life’s journey is strong and needs to be restated at this moment.

Archbishop Prowse said that traditional marriage, is one of the greatest treasures that humanity has ever produced and needs to protected, moreover that it predates Christianity.

He quoted United Kingdom Jewish leader, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, in saying:

“Our compassion for those who choose to live dif-ferently should not inhibit us from being advocates for the single most humanising institution in history.

“The family, man-woman, and child, is not one lifestyle choice among many.

“It is the best means we have yet discovered for nurturing future generations and enabling children to grow in a matrix of stability and love.”

And he reminded the faithful to pray for God’s bless-ing on all Marriages and family life.

He used the example of the day’s Gospel readings (in asking people to confront fear and “stormy times” with courage and faith.

Archbishop Prowse turned his attention to religious freedom, which he said is under threat.

“It seems to me, that an even bigger storm is brewing behind the same sex marriage issue,” he said.

“Behind this issue seems to be great threat to the fundamental human right of freedom of religion, and indeed, even free speech.”

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