Nine tips to enjoy the snow

Gliding down the mountain through fresh fluffy powder with the sun glistening on surrounding snow-covered peaks, all topped with a clear blue sky, has got to be one of the most incredible feelings. St Patrick’s Cooma student ANNA BRAYSHAW shares nine tips for skiers of all levels to make their days on the slopes enjoyable:

  1. Only wear one pair of socks – more will make your feet colder, but you can pack an extra pair of socks if your first pair gets wet.
  2. Dress like an onion – wear lots of layers.
  3. Don’t wear jeans or other cotton materials because you will get colder.
  4. Look out for the clearly marked signs that rank the slopes’ difficulty. Green circles are for beginners, blue squares for intermediate skiers, black and double black diamonds for the most advanced runs.
  5. If you have never been to the ski resort, take a map from the information desk to use in case you get lost or don’t know where to go. Always adventure with a friend.
  6. Apply sunscreen to your face or any uncovered areas of your body as the sun reflects off the snow.
  7. Pack a full lunch box as the colder you get the hungrier you get, and try to bring neck-warmers or scarves to block out the cold.
  8. Don’t eat the snow! Man-made snow makes you more dehydrated, so drink water throughout the day and avoid drinks such as hot chocolate as they can also make you dehydrated!
  9. Carry chains in the boot and only use them when needed. Most ski fields have people on the side of the road to tell you if you need chains, as unnecessary use of chains can potentially damage the car. Some cars have snow tyres so chains are not needed.