Exploring the future


THERESA Corson, reckons discerning one’s future is just as challenging as the 13 years she spent in formal education. The 18 year old Canberran is having a gap year of work and travel in 2018 to further explore the direction she would like to take. Currently, she has a part-time waitressing job, which she is hoping to compliment with more work soon. If all goes to plan, towards the end of the year, she will travel to Italy and maybe other parts of Europe. Next year she hopes to embark upon a university course of some description, her strengths being in English and languages. Both her parents are teachers, but she is not necessarily sold on that as a career to pursue.
“I would really love to see more of the world and just gain more experience working and living life outside of school,” the St Clare’s College graduate said.
“I studied Italian in school, so I would particularly like to go over there and take in some of the the culture.”
Miss Corson, says the transition from leaving school has been one of adjustment.
“Especially when it comes to leaving behind the College community and the friendships formed with teachers and students,” she said.
“It’s also been really great to have a break though, and to have time to rest and discern the future.”