Local Stories

  1. May 8

    A time for mothers to talk and heal

    Where angels long to look …(1 Peter 1:12) ANGEL’S are God’s messengers and God’s warriors. Our Guardian Angel helps us in the tremendous work of saving our immortal soul. Guardian […]

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  2. May 8

    Daniel is more than handy with a paint brush

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN CANBERRA’S Daniel De Valentin is not about to give up his day job as an engineer, but if he did he reckons he would be an artist. […]

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  3. May 8

    Faith gets Nell through the tough times

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN FAITH and family gets Nell Toscan through the hardships of life. The mother-of-six, grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of seven says complete trust in God and the […]

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  4. May 4

    Selina’s really ‘just a big kid’ herself

    BY FIONA VAN DER PLAAT SHE MIGHT have been the ACT Barnardos Mother of the Year last year but nobody calls Selina Walker Mum. “I’m just ‘Selina’ because I’m not […]

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  5. May 1

    Bringing the Joy of the Gospel into parishes

    “We are living in a change of era, not an era of change.” ACCORDING to Pope Francis in his Angelus address on March 23 in 2014, ‘now is an opportune […]

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