1. May 8

    Exhibition explores Islamic faith and culture

    DOZENS of items from the Vatican’s Anima Mundi Museum are part of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Australia that seeks to explore Islamic faith and culture. Almost […]

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  2. May 8

    Church listens as youth speak

    BY MARK BOWLING YOUNG Catholic delegates have returned from a week-long meeting in Rome with Pope Francis, energised, enthused and calling for a more transparent and “authentic” Church. “Just for […]

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  3. April 17

    One night isn’t a lot

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN ‘The gap between rich and poor is widening’ ARCHBISHOP Christopher Prowse will take part in this year’s St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleepout. He will join with […]

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  4. April 13

    Australian lawyer elected to head international migration council

    THE COUNCIL of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) has elected Dr. Anne Therese Gallagher as its president. The Council also appointed a 14-member governing committee and ratified its Secretary […]

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  5. April 13

    Pope affirms Plenary Council decision

    POPE Francis has given his approval for the Catholic Church to hold a plenary council, its most significant national gathering in Australia in more than 80 years. Brisbane Archbishop Mark […]

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