Christmas Dignity Heals Any Meltdown in Humanity

Media Release | 14 December, 2016


In the days before Christmas we have heard of violent and lethal attacks on innocent people.

There was the recent attack during Holy Mass at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt. 25 have died and 49 are injured.

I have contacted our friends at the Coptic Orthodox Diocese in Sydney to convey our condolences and prayers for the dead and those left behind.

Then there are ongoing and massive attacks on the innocent in Aleppo, Syria. A diplomat involved at the scene describes the current situation there as a “meltdown in humanity.”

In the midst of all this human meltdown we prepare to celebrate Christmas.

Jesus is our only hope. His light alone can triumph over all darkness. “Light shines in darkness, and darkness could not overpower it.” (John 1/5)

This Kindly Light is tender and full of joy. Jesus is pure Grace.

I know that the St Vincent de Paul Society is distributing hundreds of Christmas hampers in the Archdiocese at this time to those on the periphery of society. This is a great example of being tender like the child Jesus.

Let us try with all our faith to be tender to one another like the Child Jesus. Let us grace one another in any practical way we can during this Christmas and the New Year, especially those most vulnerable.

Only indestructible human dignity given to humanity at the Bethlehem stable can ultimately heal any meltdown in humanity.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn