Community answering the call generously

INDIVIDUALS and parishes in the Archdiocese are generously offering their services, finances and homes as the nation prepares for the arrival of thousands of refugees in the coming months.

The recently formed Archbishop’s committee for refugees, made up of Anne Kirwan (CatholicCare CEO), Camilla Rowland (Marymead CEO) and Victor Dunn (Catholic Development Fund general manager), have been impressed by the level of generosity shown already.

“The committee has received numerous offers of assistance – money, personnel, and accommodation – which is most gratifying,” Mr Dunn said. “A payment portal is also being set up on the Archdiocesan website for people and parishes to make tax deductible contributions.

“The funds will be held in the account until such time as they are required by entities such as St Vincent de Paul, CatholicCare, and Marist Youth to assist the refugees.”

The committee has been meeting regularly, and through Ms Kirwan, has been in contact with government authorities and key organisations that are likely to be asked to coordinate a response.

“Aside from the public announcements that up to 6,000 refugees may be located in rural New South Wales locations, very little definitive advice has been received from the government,” Mr Dunn said.

“Once numbers are known and potential locations identified, the relevant government department will liaise with the service agencies that work in this space.”

If you would like to offer any form of assistance to the Archdiocesan Refugee Appeal, email: