Same-sex marriage postal vote – what you can do

Dear Friends,

Given the fact that a postal vote on the issue is forthcoming, it is essential that people who have not yet registered on the electoral role do so immediately. This will ensure participation in the postal vote is possible. The closing date for enrolment is 24th August.

It needs to be stressed that our love and care for people in our parishes, communities and neigbourhoods who are same-sex attracted is reaffirmed. This will be a vulnerable time for some and we need to reiterate once more that we are walking alongside each other in mutual respect.

At the same time, our acknowledgement of what is now described as traditional marriage (man and woman united in love and open to the possibility of children) be reaffirmed. It is one of the greatest treasures humanity has yet produced. It needs our fulsome support at this time of moral fluidity.

Yours sincerely in Christ
Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn

Check/update your electoral enrolment details by THIS THURSDAY  24th August at
Australian Bishops are urging all to register at to volunteer, donate, and to find out the latest information about the Marriage Plebiscite. 
 If you would like to volunteer locally to help in the marriage campaign contact Paul Monagle


Pastoral Statement | August 16, 2017 (pdf - 78 KB) : from Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Important information to help the campaign for marriage (pdf - 361 KB) : Letter from Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

What you can do? (pdf - 3 MB) : Coalition for Marriage Plebiscite Flyer