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19 July 2018

What is faith? It is a life in relationship with Christ; following Him through participating in the life and mission of the Church.

So how do you enter into this relationship? Simple. It is about responding to Christ’s call to ‘come’ and ‘go.’

Jesus asks all who labour and are overburdened to ‘come to Him’ and He will give you rest. As St Augustine says, our ‘hearts are restless until they find rest in Him.’ Christ is calling you to an encounter, where your hearts can finally rest in communion with our creator. He is calling you right here, right now, just as you are.

From this encounter, we as a Church are called to ‘go’ and bring others into a relationship with Jesus. This is at the heart of our mission.

Our mission, sparked by an encounter with Christ, is not burdensome, for His ‘yoke is easy and burden is light.’ It is not something that should weigh us down, but be the very thing that gives us life.

Today, how can you ‘come’ to Christ and ‘go’ forth to share Him with all you meet?


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