Donating to the Church

The Church welcomes your donations, both large and small, whether offered weekly or donated during a targeted appeal.

Regular Collections at Mass

TitheThere are generally two collections taken up at Mass.  The first collection is for the support of clergy in the parish and beyond.  Each priest in a parish draws a personal stipend from the first collection for living expenses, food and housekeeping.  Funds are also directed to:

  • Priests in parishes where the first collection is insufficient to meet their stipend
  • The support of the Archbishop, Vicar General and Chancellor
  • Priests in remote dioceses across Australia
  • Clergy Retirement Foundation (in support of sick and retired clergy)

The second collection is for the maintenance and growth of our parish’s mission.  For example:

  • Liturgical needs
  • Salaries
  • Utilities
  • Resources
  • Maintenance of schools and churches
  • Repayment of loans
  • Parish sacramental formation and pastoral programs

Your donations are ideally offered through the parish Planned Giving Program, and can be done electronically (the ideal way) or via cash or an envelope system. Find out more here.

Special Collections

Sometimes a special collection for a local or international Catholic charity will be announced within the Mass. These special collections might allow the Church and its agencies to offer assistance to the needy in the parish, provide resources to humanitarian missions internationally, or ensure retired members of our clergy and religious orders are cared for during their old age. Donations to these appeals are one way we can express our Catholic faith, as we attempt to emulate the life of charity of Jesus Christ. Find out more here.

Bequests, Wills and Special Donations

The Church also gratefully accepts bequests, inclusion in wills and donations of securities or property.  Further information regarding these donations, is available here.

If you would like to find out more about donation methods please contact your local parish office or parish priest.

Thank you for supporting the Catholic Church in your community.