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St Christopher’s Cathedral Statue Gift Program

Our generous donors will have the opportunity to record their family name for posterity.

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This is your opportunity to contribute towards the purchase of these works of art. Your gift will ensure these saints are a source of inspiration and joy to parishioners and visitors to our Cathedral precinct.


St Christopher

In the Christian Tradition, St Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travellers and Transport. Knowing that Canberra, as the Capital of Australia, was destined to be a gathering place for people, the parish that was to become the Cathedral of the Archdiocese was named “St Christopher’s”.

Legend has it that St Christopher was born in present day Turkey around 250AD. Apparently, he was a tall and strong man. He wondered how he could serve Christ in his life. His Spiritual Director suggested that he could serve Christ by carrying people across a nearby dangerous river. This he did joyfully.

One day he carried a small child across the river during a bad storm. The child seemed to become intolerably heavy. Once across, Christopher said to the child, “You placed me in the greatest of danger. I do not think the whole world could have been as heavy on my shoulders as you were.”

The child responded: “You had on your shoulders not only the whole world but Him who made it. I am Christ, your King, whom you are serving by this work.”

It is a beautiful story. It has universal relevance. Particularly in these days of extraordinary crisis, it gives us hope that each of us can be a “St. Christopher” to each other. 

Bequesting and Giving of Gifts

There are particular times in our lives when we consider the people and the values closest to our hearts. One beautiful way to acknowledge the significance of family members and friends, our church and our community is through a gift in our will. By choosing to leave a gift in a will, or to make a donation in memoriam, we honour the people and the church that have been central to our lives. A gift to the statues of St Christopher’s precinct is one such way to create a special lasting legacy.

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