In our Archdiocese, we have 17 parishes in the ACT, and 33 parishes in NSW.

Each of our parishes are entrusted to the care of a Parish Priest who is appointed by the Archbishop to care pastorally for the people
(Can. 515 § 1.).

Each Parish is to have a Finance Council to help the Parish Priest in the care for, and administration of, the temporal goods of the Parish (Can. 537). The Council meets at least four times a year. A major function of the Parish Finance Council is the preparation of, and oversight of publication of, the yearly parish budget.

Monies collected in parishes support clergy and the parish. Clergy receive a modest stipend and living allowance each month. All monies collected for the clergy are paid into the Central Presbytery Fund. The stipend and living allowance are paid from this fund. All monies collected for the parish are paid into individual parish accounts, held by the Catholic Development Fund.

In our Archdiocese, all parishes are required to have a Pastoral Council (Can. 536). The Council is presided over by the Parish Priest and offers help and advice in fostering the pastoral action of the parish. The pastoral council has a consultative vote. The statutes for Pastoral Councils vary in the Archdiocese.

There are a variety of policies that guide the administration and practices of Parishes and Parish Priests. You can find these on our website. They cover a variety of activities essential to the life of the Parish.