Being My Best Self In Relationships

Years 11 and 12

A program for senior students in years 11 and 12, Being my Best Self In Relationships offers a Christian perspective on Human Sexuality.

Students are presented with Catholic perspectives on “being fully human”, as well as personal sharing and testimony from young Catholics living their faith in our modern world.

The program offers a unique opportunity for students to participate in small group discussion, under the care of trained facilitators.  Students are then given the floor with their own questions and concerns being addressed by a panel.

Our past programs have included the following topics and speakers:

  • Fr John Woods – “Too much and too little is made of sex” in contemporary society and what the Church has to offer for young people exploring sexuality, identity and relationships.
  • Kate Freeman – Kate’s Personal testimony follows her faith journey through hostility to understanding, particularly in regards to the Church’s views on sexuality.
  • Anna Johnstone – The wonder and complexity of human fertility.  Anna spoke about a woman’s natural cycle, the mechanics of hormonal contraception and the importance of caring for our reproductive health.
  • Steve Proud – Men’s battles both internal and external, and ways to move forward and be our best selves.


Year 12 program SFX (pdf - 7.81 MB)

For more information and to secure a booking for 2021 please contact the Relationships Education Program Coordinator:  M: 0429 192 869