Impact of Pornography on Relationships

Jordan Hodge offers a stand-alone, interactive seminar for large groups on the negative impacts of pornography on personal, relational and societal well being. His seminar which can be adapted for secondary students of any year level and from 40 to 90 minutes depending on your requirements.  

Jordan Hodge is a young married man who currently works professionally staging live events. He is also a skilled speaker with extensive youth ministry experience in the Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn. Speaking with the conviction of personal experience, backed up by evidence-based research, Jordan will equip your student with an understanding of how pornography:

  1. Impacts the brain and easily becomes addictive
  2. Creates unrealistic and unhelpful expectations of sex and relationships
  3. Negatively impacts our attitudes to others (empathy fatigue, chauvinism, aggression)
  4. Negatively impacts society: intimate relationship violence, sexualisation of children, people trafficking, grooming and child abuse

Jordan presents on this sensitive topic without moralising and in a manner that effectively engages the students. He speaks convincingly from personal experience about the negative impact of pornography use on personal and relationship wellbeing.

Naomi Whitehead
Y7/8 Coordinator, Marist

The cost of this seminar is $5 per student or a minimum of $500

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Listen to a three minute interview with Jordan