Holy Wunderkind

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19 December 2018

The children we read of today are no ordinary people. Announced by an angel and born to barren women by the gift of God, they are placed on the earth for a special reason and are moved by the Spirit from youth. Reading about these holy prodigies, Samson and John the Baptist, prepares us for Jesus’ similar but much more wondrous entry into our world.

God, born into our world. One of us!

We need to nurture our awe of what God has done here. The wonder of an older woman pregnant with longed-for life, when that was just impossible, might be what we are looking for. This God-child is for all of us. He is our answer. As the entrance antiphon says: “and now there will be no more fear within our land, for he is our Saviour.”

Lord give us a sense of awe, so that we can intimately welcome Jesus our saviour, the sign of God’s love for all people, into our lives.

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