How healthy is your relationship with Jesus?

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31 October 2018

Have you ever felt like you’re always the one making all of the effort in a relationship – it’s always you who rings to set up times to catch up, never the other way around?  It’s one of my pet grumbles, and, after reading today’s Gospel, I’m thinking it might be one of Jesus’ too.

A healthy friendship is meant to be mutual, right?  I ring you and you ring me!  Otherwise, I could get the impression that you don’t actually care anything about me…

I feel like Jesus is talking about this same dynamic in terms of our relationship with God today.  It’s like He’s saying: “I don’t mind being always the one who calls.  I love you enough even that I’m not complaining that I’m always the giver and you’re always the taker.  But please, I’m looking for some reassurance that you actually love me, for myself, and not for the advantages that come with being my friend, like going to heaven.”

Which leaves us with the question of how committed we are to this friendship.  Are we prepared to invest our time and energy in building and strengthening it?  Where is it in terms of our priorities in life?

Lord, thank you for being such a faithful and generous friend.  Please help me to be as faithful and generous in return.

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