Is this what God wants?

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24 October 2018

In the Gospel, Jesus warns us to guard our own house and not to become the servant who beats up the others. It seems so extreme. How is it connected to me?

I am the servant of the truth. Not the boss! Do I ever find myself seizing God’s authority by judging and condemning myself or others? This is abhorrent to God. I am to do as God asks, never to become the ultimate authority. I need to guard against my own harsh judgements which I can replace with the question: “Is this what God wants?”

 If I remember my place as God’s servant in all things I will thrive, be completely confident, boldly confident in Him like Paul is in the first reading. If I assume God’s authority and become judge and condemner, even of myself, I will suffer, badly. The more authority I have been given over others lives the more I need to be asking; “Is this what God wants?” This is the way of Jesus and this will set us free!

Lord set us free to live as you did. Teach us to measure our lives by asking what you want.

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