It Isn’t Enough

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19 April 2018

It isn’t enough. Can you feel it?

A hunger or thirst afflicts the human heart. St Augustine knew this when he said ‘our hearts are restless until they rest in You.’ The truth is, life outside the Lord just isn’t enough.

Christ is the meeting point of man and God: creation and the creator. Through Jesus, God promises each of us life.

This was Christ’s mission. He was sent by the Father, do to the Father’s will. Jesus was completely faithful to the Father, a faithfulness that nourished and sustained Him. Through His obedience, we are able to recognize our own call and our true identity: to be in a deeply intimate communion with God.

God will always provide. He did it for the Israelites when He filled the skies with food (manna). He does it for us as He fills the world with the ‘living bread’ (Christ).

The world is desperately in need of the Church. Why? Because God created humanity as the perfect act of creation. In union with God, the Church becomes a co-creator with God. We become Christ’s body and can take part in bringing life to the world.

Whenever you feel like life just isn’t enough, remember that whoever sees and believes in Jesus will have life eternal. That is enough.

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