Archdiocesan Property Lead


The Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn (the Archdiocese) is the administrative body for the Catholic Church across a wide area, ranging from Goulburn , to Lake Cargelligo, parts of the NSW South Coast and the Canberra region.

It is administered by a small team located at Manuka (ACT) headed by the Archbishop (Christopher Prowse) and his Vicar General (Fr Richard Thompson), with the primary administrative duties held by the Archdiocesan Financial Administrator  – AFM (Ms Helen Delahunty) and the Chancellor (Dr Patrick McArdle).

The Archdiocese, its agencies (Catholic Care/Marymead, Catholic Education) and parishes own and operate many properties and buildings in both the ACT and NSW, including 55 parishes, 56 schools and a number of social welfare sites and projects.   

The property assets of the Archdiocese have very significant potential to address the following Core Objectives:

  1. To generate additional recurrent income; so as to
  2. Provide ongoing and new opportunities for the mission of the Church; and
  3. To respond, in a visible and outcome oriented fashion, to the call of Pope Francis for the Church to play a significant role in response to climate change, biodiversity and resilience.

Accordingly, the Archdiocese wishes to employ an experienced Property Lead to address the three Core Objectives above mentioned.

A Property Charter has been adopted with respect to the first two Objectives (and is attached) while the development of a response to Objective three is yet to be developed.

Budget provision has been made for this position to commence immediately;  however it is expected that the Property Lead position will over time be at least self-funding .

Job Description

The Property Lead (PL) will report directly to the Archdiocesan Financial Administator (AFA), and also the Episcopal Vicar for New Frontiers. This position will also be subject to general direction by a Property Committee to be established by the Archbishop.

Core responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Updating and enhancing the property database for the Archdiocese (refer to the Property Charter);
  • Developing long and short lists (and budgets) for priority projects (capital and maintenance) to address the Core Objectives.
  • Working with the AFA to test and recommend projects to the Property Committee, including feasibility studies, funding opportunities, payback periods, risk assessments and returns to both the Archdiocese and the parish and/or agency involved.
  • Implementing agreed projects via the employment of specialised consultants or teams.
  • Overseeing each project and managing it to ensure delivery on time and budget.
  • Establishing a robust and reliable maintenance system to address all parish needs in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Reporting regularly to the AFA and monthly (in writing) to the Property Committee.
  • Developing (within the first twelve months) an annual and five year rolling works program, including all costs and returns to the relevant parties (noting the requirement for the position to become self-funding).

Personal Attributes

As the Archdiocese is a compact organisation, but is somewhat complex in terms of Australian law and Canon law, the PL will need to be prepared to take on a wide variety of tasks required for the successful and timely delivery of the Core Objectives in an empathetic and sensitive manner.

The PL will need to possess the following capabilities:

  • An ability to deliver tangible results, on time and budget, and begin to do so early (note some projects are underway now).
  • Strong background in property development, project management and feasibility / budget preparation and management.
  • Strong people skills and demonstrable self-motivation;
  • High level written and verbal communications skills;
  • High level organisational skills;
  • Proven expertise in Word, Excel, and related software;
  • Proven expertise in the management of multi-disciplinary teams for projects in the ACT and NSW systems.

Highly desirable personal attributes include:

  • Strong work ethic and alignment to Christian values and the Mission of the Church.
  • A passion to assist all member groups within the Archdiocesan Church to better reaslise the potential of their respective assets in a manner consistent with the Core Objectives.
  • An empathetic attitude to various groups (especially parish committees) to work gently with them in their decision-making processes.


The Archdiocesan Property Lead position offers a very unique and challenging opportunity to deliver tangible and lasting benefits to the whole community of the region.

That is, by the sensitive and timely re-use/repair / re-cycling of land and building assets, in accordance with a triple bottom line response strategy, the PL can influence not only the Church communities but the broader places in which they exist.


You should address your application to:

Ms Helen Delahunty
Archdiocesan Financial Administrator
55 Franklin St

Queries may be directed to:
Ms Helen Delehunty
P          02 6239 9800

Your application must be received via the above email address by COB on Friday, 22nd September

Applications should address:

  1. Your appreciation of the Core Objectives
  2. Your understanding of the likely scope of work and your experience that will assist you in the excellent delivery of that scope.
  3. Your response to the Job Description and Personal Attributes;
  4. Your availability and salary expectations.

Applications will be considered by the AFA and Episcopal Vicar and may also be referred to others nominated by the Archbishop. Interviews of a shortlist of applicants will be conducted by the AFA and others nominated by the Archbishop.