Mark of a Disciple

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25 September 2017

We are called to follow Christ. Answering this call will allow us to live a life inspired by love. Today’s gospel gives an opportunity to discover one of the mark’s of a disciple of Christ.

A disciple is a bearer of ‘light’ amidst a world in darkness. It is said that ‘God is light’ (1 John 1:5) and that Jesus is the ‘light of the world’ (John 8:12). This parable therefore encourages us to be the ‘light’ that identifies with God.

There are three key actions in the scripture today: the lighting of the lamp; the shining of the lamp without limitation; and, the more it shines, the brighter it gets and the less is shines, the dimmer it gets. Let’s break these open!

In a similar way to the lamp, our light has been lit by God. We were brought into existence, created out of love and for love, and Jesus has come to restore this love to humanity. This light reveals, guides and illuminates the questions of the human heart.

The purpose of lighting a lamp is not to conceal, but to reveal. We light a lamp to bring light amidst the darkness. Once we have received light from Christ, we do not hide it for fear of the darkness, but we let it shine forth naturally and spontaneously.

Life can be dark at times. Humanity is wounded and broken. We see it. We feel it. But in these times, God’s light shines with particular brightness. Jesus comes with an abundance of love and life. Amidst darkness, it is hard to trust and love. Yet, this is what the Lord showed us in his life giving love on the Cross. Amidst hatred, there is love. Amidst violence, there is peace. Amidst contempt and humiliation, there is forgiveness.

Today, we are invited to receive the light of Christ anew. “Open our hearts, Lord,” we pray, that your light may shine within us and be reflected to those we live and work with. May we be known as the “people of the light.”


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