Engaged – Marriage Preparation

Planning a Catholic wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage!

We are here to help.

If you are planning to marry in the Catholic Church, the first thing you need to do is to engage a Catholic priest or deacon to marry you (your celebrant).

If you are marrying in another diocese, you need a local priest or deacon to assist you with the official Church and Government paperwork (your local clergy contact).

To find a local priest or deacon to assist you, make enquiries in the parish where you live. Find it by entering your postcode here.

The priest or deacon will need at least 3-6 months’ notice in order to assist you. He can guide you regarding Government and Church requirements, preparation of your wedding booklet, arrangements for a wedding rehearsal, and so on.

Marriage Preparation Programs

Your celebrant will also let you know what marriage preparation he would like you to undertake. Marriage preparation will usually include a few meetings with your celebrant as well as one or more of the following pre-marriage education options:

Duration: 1 x 4 hour group session and a 90 minute private appointment

The FOCCUS program is conducted every second month on a Wednesday evening at the St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre in Manuka, (behind the Cathedral)

The session runs from 5pm to 9pm and initially involves each member of the couple individually responding to a series of written statements about relationship issues. The written responses will be compared by computer to highlight your relationship strengths and potential challenges. The results will form the basis for a 90 minute facilitated conversation with a CatholicCare counsellor which you will book for a later date.

On the Wednesday evening, after completing the questionnaire, couples gather together for a light supper and then receive some input about Catholic marriage from a priest and from a married couple. Time is provided for each couple to draw aside in private to discuss the issues that are being raised.

The cost for the whole package is $300 per couple.

To register, first make a secure payment here and save your payment receipt number to complete your registration here.

Next courses dates:
  • Weds 8th November, 2023
Enquiries text or ring 0429 192 869.
Duration: 9 x 1.5 hours online. Work at your own pace, when it suits you!
Smart Loving Engaged Online is an up-to-date, Catholic Marriage Preparation course comprised of 9 Lessons of approximately 1.5 hours each.

If your wedding is in less than 3 months don’t register for this Program. Contact us for assistance to identify the best Marriage preparation program for you in this case.

Ideally, one lesson per week gives you time to practice the tools and form new habits over a 3 month period. It can also be fast-tracked or spread out as required. At the end of the course, you will be emailed a certificate and course report to give to your celebrant.

Your celebrant may use the questions at the end of each chapter as an opportunity to discuss your preparation with you. A sponsor couple can also journey with you at no extra cost.

Cost: $200 per couple including a workbook each for you, your celebrant and your sponsor couple.

Register via the QR Code To register, first make a secure payment here and save your payment receipt number to complete your registration here.

For enquiries text or ring 0429 192 869
Between 6-8 couples attend each Evenings for the Engaged course which was traditionally run one evening a week for 6 consecutive weeks. These days we find two full Saturdays 9am-3:30pm works better for most couples.

The course is presented by married couples and topics include: Family of Origin, Communication, Intimacy in Marriage, The Sacrament of Marriage (presented by a Priest), God in Marriage, Building a Stronger Marriage. Private time is provided for each couple to build a closer relationship while exploring important topics.

Cost: $150 including catering and resources.

Register here or contact Pru Gordon and Peter Grist at prugordon@gmail.com

Next courses:
  • 11 & 18 November
Duration: 1 weekend in Sydney (or by Zoom if COVID-19 prevents onsite attendance)

While many couples attend each weekend, personal discussion only takes place between you and your fiancé. Private time is provided for each couple to build a closer relationship while exploring the following topics: your future lives together; your strengths and challenges; your desires, ambitions & goals; your attitudes about money, sex, children, family and your role in the church and society.

Cost: Approximately $290 not including accommodation. (Cost is adjusted for Zoom)

Register here or contact Linda 0408 162 038. For more information please visit www.engagedencounter.org.au.

Proposed next courses:
  • Nov 11 & 12 2023 St Joseph’s Baulkham Hills