Marriage Discernment Single or Dating

Marriage Prep is too important to wait until you’re engaged!

Whether you are single, dating, seriously dating, engaged, on a break, or grieving a breakup, you can make use of this time for fruitful personal growth toward becoming a great spouse.

The Discerning Marriage website has resources for single and dating adults wanting to discern the vocation of marriage.
Next Step is an 8 week vocational discernment course for single or dating adults. It is delivered via zoom as live, two hour, interactive sessions run from the US (so time zones can be tricky).

Each session begins with introductions and a 30 minute presentation. Participants then gather in break-out rooms of about 10 people to discuss the content. A trained mentor couple leads each break out room and can provide trusted knowledge about marriage and family life.

There are two presentations and discussion times in each session so the whole session takes 2 hours. A comprehensive digital booklet with notes and homework questions is also provided, as well as suggestions for further reading and resources.

The cost of the course is about $125 AUD.
Don’t wait for the next course. Start your discernment journey now by listening to the Discerning Marriage Podcast.

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