Motivated by Love

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28 February 2018

The mother in today’s Gospel just wanted to see them succeed. That’s only natural.

How much of our life is motivated by a desire for popularity, success, and recognition? As I face new challenges, there is a part of me that works hard so that people approve of me, and I feel good about myself. That’s only natural too.

Jesus came to give us life to the full, however often the road before us is unexpected. God’s call can lead us to the opposite of success and fame, but also to so much more than a life motivated by fear and self-protection. 

He asks us to follow him as a servant of others, and even to be willing to lose everything if necessary. This is real living, motivated by love, not self-focus. This is the kind of life Jesus wants to give us, the life He paid for by his death. It’s a huge call, and it doesn’t come naturally, but it does happen through an honest relationship with Jesus.

Lord help us to see our real motivation clearly, and at the same time, to see the life you offer us. Give us the grace to deeply trust you with our lives and to become servants of Love.
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