How much do you let God help you?

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14 March 2018

God is continuously working on your behalf. The first reading describes so many ways that God is for us in our lives. In my anxious moments, I often forget that God is with me and I act as if I am alone.

Jesus declares himself utterly dependent on God in this Gospel. He did not deny his own identity as the source of life; the one who could raise people from the dead and the one who has final authority over right and wrong, but he also made the extraordinary statement: “I can do nothing by myself.”

Is this also true for me? When I look beneath the simple things I feel competent doing, I realise that I am held in being by God. I cannot even breathe apart from God. This is deeply reassuring. When I am doing my best to do God’s will, I can be confident that God is working with me in everything. Would there be any room for anxiety in my life If I always remembered this?

Lord, open my eyes to my dependence on you, make me aware of your desire to work with me in every moment.

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