Developing our faith

The notion of faith development comes up a lot in Church circles these days.  Perhaps we have learned that in the way we seek to grow and develop in other aspects of our lives, we must also take responsibility for our ongoing faith education.  Perhaps we know that in the context of our increasingly secular society, we need to be aware of who we are as Catholics and why it is we believe what we believe…

Perhaps.  However, in my experience we are often committed to our faith development more in theory than we are in reality.  It can be hard to find the time and to find something that suits us.  It can be useful to know about a few options.

For those with limited time I recommend getting hold of our recent publication, “I Believe”.  It provides a series of readable reflections written from a Catholic perspective.  It also makes a great little book to give to family members who might appreciate the chance to do their own reading and reflection.  Copies can be purchased from the CatholicLIFE office (02) 61634300 or or

Otherwise, there are a whole series of seminars being offered around the Archdiocese at different times and in different places.  Get in touch with this office for details.  If there’s nothing happening in your area, perhaps you’d like to call this office to discuss.  In the end, as with anything in life – we have to take responsibility if anything of significance is really going to happen.