Do something this Lent

Today I’m writing to offer you an opportunity. My work in the area of faith formation over the years has taught me many things. One of those things is that many of us carry an understanding of the faith to which we belong that we arrived at many years ago. Unlike every other element of our lives, we remain content to live with a child’s understanding of God, and then wonder why that understanding is not adequate for our lives today.

Into the Desert ( has been written with you in mind. You can log onto the site at any time between now and Easter, to receive daily reflections on aspects of our faith written in response to the Scripture readings for Lent.

What you will experience throughout this program is premised on a very simple spiritual principle: when it comes to our journey towards the life God is offering us, it doesn’t really matter what we do or where we start – we just need to do something! What shall you do this Lent to make your desire to respond to God real?