Editor’s note

Welcome to the first issue of My Family My Faith for 2015. It seems like only yesterday we were putting up the Christmas tree and already we are being bombarded with Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns. No doubt those of you with young children will have moved past the anxiousness of the first days back at school, to the mundane tasks of book covering, locating lost bus passes, lunch boxes and notes from the teachers!

Our first issue focuses on a topic that touches the hearts and lives of many of our readers, and in recent times, Pope Francis. It seemed that when we decided to run a story on Autism Spectrum Disorder, almost everyone in the office had a story to tell – some inspiring, some heartbreaking.

Thanks to our team of dedicated writers, who have returned with great enthusiasm. In fact, all of them exceeded their word limit for this issue! So if you want to read their full article, please head to our website/blog www.myfamilymyfaith.org.au.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Felicity de Fombelle. Felicity was the first editor of this magazine and her hard work, creativity and dedication to this magazine have been outstanding. Felicity has moved to a new phase in her journey and we wish her, Paul and the boys all of God’s blessings.


Sharon Brewer, Archdiocesan Coordinator, Parish Pastoral Support