The family is a “Gospel”

We all know of much bad news about the family, don’t we? But there is also much good news too.

The Greek word for GOSPEL is “euangelion”, which means good news. It refers to God’s mighty deeds of salvation. We all know of the Gospels. They are the good news of God’s mighty deeds in sending us Jesus. His life, death, resurrection, ascension and Pentecost are THE good news of Christianity!

But we can also use this word more generally too.

I like to think that every family can become a kind of gospel too. All families can become the good news of Jesus to our neighbourhoods, towns and worlds.

Surely Gospel families can proclaim God’s mighty deeds when …

  • They make Jesus the centre of family life.
  • They find appropriate times to pray together (at meal times/night time) in all sorts of different ways.
  • Respect and obedience for parents are seen as “normal”.
  • Family members serve each other by sharing household chores.
  • The births and deaths of family members are great teaching moments regarding the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.
  • The local parish (especially Mass) become part of the “extended” family.
  • “Neigbourliness” extends to the lonely and sick in their streets and towns.
  • Salaried workers, in particular, see their work as a way of linking family and societal life together.

If you were to rate your family on this list, how would you go? Would you add to it? Where could there be improvement? The main point is this: families, in the midst of all their weaknesses and different forms, are truly good news for us all. Let us see this goodness and thank the Lord for it.