A minuscule repayment to God

Gratitude, in my humble opinion, is a feeling that the older generation experience, more so than young people, who expect more from life than us. Some of us get so caught up in our wants and needs that we don’t stop to appreciate what we already have, particularly here in Australia. The majority of us live in comfortable homes, surrounded by loving families and a certain amount of peace. How many, while watching the horror of news from war-torn countries, pause long enough to say, “Thank you Lord, I’m so grateful for the blessings I have.”

My grandchildren are not working in dark, underground mines, nor have they been kidnapped for slavery or taught how to fire an automatic rifle at a perceived enemy. They have never been forced from their birth country nor lined up for hours to get a drink of water. Some are too young yet to really value the benefits of living in Australia, but with maturity will come appreciation.

There’s a rule in my house now accepted by my grandchildren when they come for a meal – never put more on your plate than you can eat! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s throwing out food after a family gathering. I’ve explained to them that what they scrape into a bin could save the life of a starving child. I also believe that the word “thanks” is not only expressing gratitude, but respect as well, so my grandchildren have come to recognise that if I continue to look at them they need to say ‘thanks.’

Do you feel helpless and cry silent tears while watching programs portraying terrible illness and horrific deformities in children in poorer countries? I am extremely grateful that most of my grandchildren are healthy, and only two have difficulties; one with mild Autism and the other with Tourette syndrome, ADHD and dyslexia. Interestingly, these two boys, 12 years ago, were born 15 minutes apart, one in Alice Springs and the other in Canberra. Good health makes life so much easier, both financially and physically. We have a lot to be thankful for living in this beautiful Australia, so my few prayers of gratitude to God are miniscule.